Scythe and Shield: Rebirthed is the end result of a simple wish I had nearly 8 years when I started doing fan sites for Diablo 3. It was to use the fan site to make new connections and friendships alike.

I always heard how great the game was and saw friends play it a few times. It was something totally different and cool. It just wasn’t the right time back then in my teens. However, one day 8 years ago I happened to stumble upon Diablofans with all those original articles and videos and I was hooked. I started my own series of fansites; Diablo Expressions, GrindEXP, and the original Scythe and Shield.

All the while meeting new people, working with some truly talented people that pour their all into their projects, it was amazing.

Cut back to now and I still have many of those relationships today from when I began this crazy adventure. Some people have left too, but I will never forget their impact and try to carry a small piece of them forward as we hack and slash demons together.

Slamming that “Rebirth” button on the podcast now, more than ever, is because of the new crop of fresh faces. People I watch on Twitch or listen to on YouTube. The time has come to shake off the shackles, clean the dust, and let this Scythe fly to make even more connections and take you, the listeners, along for the ride too!

Welcome all to Scythe and Shield: Rebirthed!


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Robert a.k.a “Dredscythe” has been on the Diablo 3 scene since closed beta with a passion to play the game. He brings a fresh perspective, grounded in sound ideas, based on true development concepts to give ideas to improve and push the game forward. Host of the Scythe and Shield: Rebirthed Podcast and current Diablo Site Manager at